The Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel team represents individuals, businesses, other organizations who have been criminally accused or who are under investigation.

Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel is composed of a group of highly-qualified and respected attorneys and legal assistants who provide their clients with aggressive high quality representation. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and preserving the values of our justice system. Our dedication and commitment to the defense of our clients has earned our office the reputation as a preeminent criminal defense firm in Arizona. We are also recognized in U.S. News and World Reports and Best Lawyers as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm in the areas of Criminal Defense – White Collar, Criminal Defense – General Practice, and Appellate Practice.

Michael Piccarreta, attorney

Mr. Michael Piccarreta’s practice is limited to the defense of individuals and corporations accused of complex and serious violations.  His extensive experience is well-recognized and he has received numerous professional awards and accolades. (read more)

Mr. Barry M. Davis was a founding member of the law firm and continued to serve as a trusted advisor following his retirement until his death in 2016.

Mr. Jefferson Keenan served as a clerk to Vice Chief Justice Stanley G. Feldman of the Arizona Supreme Court. Mr. Keenan serves as the legal research, motion and appellate coordinator. (read more)

Mr. Louis Fidel has experience representing clients at all stages of a criminal case from pre-indictment investigations through jury trials and sentencing. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America since 2019, and recognized by Super Lawyers as a Top Rated criminal Defense Attorney since 2018. (read more)

Areas of Practice

The attorneys at Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel employ a “team concept,” which involves multiple lawyers and highly skilled legal assistants working together on each case. Our law firm has extensive experience representing individuals and corporations in a wide variety of proceedings, including:

Alcohol Violations

Students and young people are often the subject of prosecution for violating Arizona’s alcohol possession laws, such as possession of alcohol by someone under the age of 21, DUI by someone under the age of 21, or possession or use of a fake ID card. These offenses can have serious consequences outside of the criminal justice system and it is important to have high quality representation.

White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are typically business related and financially motivated crimes such as embezzlement, tax evasion, and various forms of fraud.


Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime, and the conspiracy is a separate crime in itself.  Conspiracy usually, although not always, requires that some person take an actual step (an overt act) toward the commission of the crime, although that step need not be a criminal act.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a broad categorization that encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses, including assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, and other matters. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense or have been contacted by law enforcement with regard to these matters, the experienced attorneys at Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel can provide you with aggressive, effective representation.


Being arrested for DUI can trigger a host of complicated consequences, including substantial fines, possible jail time, and the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license or driving privilege. A DUI could even impact your employment, as there may be restrictions imposed by any professional licensing organizations with which you are affiliated. With such significant consequences, it is important to obtain high quality legal representation if you have been arrested for DUI.

Drug Possession

Drug possession can be prosecuted in either state or federal court and can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the nature and quantity of the substance involved. Even a prosecution for a misdemeanor offense can have lasting consequences for the person involved.

Drug Trafficking

Due to our proximity to the border, Arizona is a hotbed of drug trafficking activity which is prosecuted by both the state and federal governments.  Prosecutions for drug offenses comprise a large percentage of the criminal caseload in both state and federal court.

Environmental Matters

Environmental matters are regulated through the use of civil and criminal penalties by both the state (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) and federal (Environmental Protection Agency) governments.


Fraud is generally intentional deception that causes injury (usually financial) to another person. Fraud can include virtually any kind of trickery or dishonesty, but typically involves misrepresentations, omission of key factual information, or at least misleading conduct.

First Degree Murder

First degree murder can be committed by the intentional, premeditated taking of another life, or by causing the death of another during the commission of certain specified felony offenses (felony murder).

The criminal defense section at Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel has extensive experience representing clients in these matters.


First Amendment Issues

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution (and Article 2, Section 6 of the Arizona Constitution) protects freedom of thought and expression and includes such matters as religious freedom, political speech, and artistic expression.

The criminal defense section at Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel has extensive experience representing clients in these matters.

Liquor Code Proceedings

The sale of liquor in Arizona is heavily regulated on both the wholesale and retail levels by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control through the use of criminal and civil penalties for individuals and businesses.  Sanctions may include the loss of a license to deal in spirituous beverages.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is conduct intended to conceal or disguise the proceeds of criminal activity.  Money laundering can also give rise to civil and criminal forfeiture of the proceeds of criminal activity and any money or property used to facilitate criminal activity.

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Racketeering laws have been passed at both the state and federal levels in an effort to combat organized crime.  Both state and federal law specify numerous pre-existing offenses such as kidnapping, extortion and murder as “predicate” racketeering offenses when committed in connection with organized criminal activity.  Racketeering also includes money laundering, which is conduct intended to conceal or disguise the proceeds of criminal activity.

Securities Violations

The sale of securities – typically written assurances for the payment of money – is highly regulated on both the state and federal levels through the use of both civil and criminal penalties intended to protect the consumer.

Vehicular Homicide

It is rare, although not unheard of, for an automobile to be used intentionally as a murder weapon.  Most vehicular homicide offenses are the result of gross negligence (negligent homicide), recklessness (manslaughter), or conduct exhibiting extreme indifference to human life (second degree murder).  Some extreme DUI accidents resulting in death have been charged as second degree murder.

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