Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

Arizona voters adopted the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010, legalizing possession of medical marijuana under state law in some limited circumstances.  Under the Act, a registered patient who has been issued a medical marijuana card is authorized to possess up to 2.5 ounces of useable marijuana.  Patients who are specifically authorized to cultivate marijuana for themselves are authorized to possess up to 12 marijuana plants.  A patient who does not have authorization to cultivate marijuana is not permitted to do so.  There are strict limitations on transfers of medical marijuana between patients, with particular focus on who is the provider, how much is provided, and what is received in exchange. 

While the Act was adopted in 2010, it only began to be implemented recently, and there have been a number of prosecutions of people who possessed amounts beyond what is permitted or engaged in conduct that is not permitted by the Act.  Some people who have been prosecuted were familiar with medical marijuana laws in other states and acted based on what is legal under those laws.  Arizona recognizes medical marijuana cards issued by other states, such as Colorado and California, but an out of state marijuana patient travelling or staying in Arizona must abide by Arizona’s laws.  While each state’s laws may be similar in some regards, they are different in other areas, and making assumptions about what is permitted in Arizona may result in arrest and prosecution

Accordingly if you are a medical marijuana patient in the State of Arizona, it is important to be familiar not only with what is permitted under the Arizona law but also what corresponding the limitations are.  Exceeding those limitations could have very serious consequences. 

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