Racketeering laws have been passed at both the state and federal levels in an effort to combat organized crime.  Both state and federal law specifies numerous pre-existing offenses such as kidnapping, extortion, and murder as “predicate” racketeering offenses when committed in connection with organized criminal activity.  Racketeering also includes money laundering, which is conduct intended to conceal or disguise the proceeds of criminal activity.

The criminal defense team of Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel has extensive experience representing clients in these matters.  Our proactive approach in the early stages of these matters frequently results in avoiding the initial filing of charges, adverse publicity, and costs which accompany unsubstantiated allegations.

If you have been charged with a crime or have been contacted by law enforcement with regard to these matters, the criminal defense team at Piccarreta Davis Keenan Fidel can provide you with experienced aggressive representation.

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