“Trouble” Lawyers Cause

We regularly hear the “trouble” lawyers cause. For instance, lawyers sue corporations who undeservedly need to hire lawyers and defend frivolous lawsuits. The source of these complaints is usually the corporations themselves or public relation firms who “spin” the facts to suit them.

The case linked below demonstrates the need for lawyers, who represent people like you, to remain vigilant on behalf of the individuals we serve.

The case revolves around a defective tire case filed in Phoenix in 2007. The tire was on a motor home and it failed while driving down the highway. The occupants were severely injured. But that is not the point of the opinion below. The point is that Goodyear Tire Co., it’s national counsel and it's local Phoenix lawyer deliberately withheld requested tire test results throughout the litigation. The evidence supported the claimants’ case and was undiscovered until after the case was settled.

It turns out that Goodyear, it’s expert witness, Goodyear’s national counsel and Goodyear's local Arizona attorney intentionally lied to the claimants’ lawyer, lied to the Federal Judge and intentionally withheld damaging evidence, merely hoping that their fraud went undetected. That did not happen. The Court is still in the process of determining sanction in the form of money damages. In addition the court has ordered that her opinion be filed in all other Goodyear cases involving this particular tire so other counsel and judges are aware of Goodyear’s propensity to fraudulently withhold information.

It is also of interest that the lawyer for the claimants now has a fraud suit against Goodyear on behalf of the injured clients. So without lawyers like Mr. Kurtz in Phoenix who would be out there to keep the proceedings on a level playing field?

Link to full order.

Barry Davis

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