Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

In March 2014, an off-duty police officer from Chandler was the victim of a fatal motorcycle accident on State Road 347. A few weeks earlier, a man in Casa Grande died at the scene after his motorcycle was struck by a woman driving a pick-up truck without a valid driver's license. 

The Arizona Department of Transportation has been following this worrisome trend very closely the last few years. In 2011, there were more than 3,000 motorcycle accidents in the Grand Canyon State, and 144 of them were fatal. 

Motorcycle riders who survive accidents are far more likely to sustain serious injuries than those in cars or even pedestrians. In many cases, drivers of cars and trucks are liable for causing collisions and other types of motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles. 

The Negative Effects of Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

Medical bills resulting from the treatment of injuries caused by motorcycle mishaps tend to be among the most expensive of all road traffic accidents. Outrageous medical bills received after accidents are the most common reasons motorcycle riders retain personal injury attorneys.
The pain and suffering associated with motorcycle accidents is often excruciating and debilitating. Although Arizona law do not provide guidance or formulas to determine how much can be recovered from defendants for pain and suffering, experienced personal injury attorneys rely on their experience, prior jury verdicts in the area, and proper evaluation of the factors of the case to ensure that their clients are properly compensated.

After being in accidents, some motorcycle riders are not be able to return to work and even end up losing their jobs. Lost wages and any forfeited vacation time are often included in personal injury claims. Periods of disability can also be compensated; in fact, losses arising from not being able to work can be calculated on a future basis.

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