Tucson Jury Duty

Jury Duty


Everyone hates jury duty, right?  When you receive the dreaded notice, the topic of conversation with family and friends for a week consists of how to get out of serving.  Jury duty can take up a significant amount of time and certainly changes your schedule for a time. 


Despite jury duty’s bad reputation, citizens who serve on juries universally say they would do it again and enjoyed the experience.  Further, they generally learn a thing or two about the law during their experience. 


At some point in your life you will likely be involved in the court system.  Perhaps you will be involved in a car accident or a contract dispute.  These cases require jury trials to resolve the dispute if negotiations fail.  If it is your case, you want a fair, engaged, and bright jury to decide your claims. 


Thus, when called for service, you should provide honest answers to the questions asked during the jury selection process and not search for a way to avoid jury duty.  We need all of you to make the system function.

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